Library racks

Library racks

EK 7600L

The EK 7600L - library racks are designed to equip public and non-public premises of libraries. Their design is based on proven elements of the EK 7500 moving racking and the EK 7600 fixed racking system. 

The EK 7600L library racking system represents a universal kit of elements and parts that can be used to design and build an equipment of various library premises considering their special purpose (reading room, depository, info center etc.). Such designed and built premises become a comfortable place for studying and working for all visitors of the library. The EK 7600L racking system can be later upgraded with new perspective parts according to the needs generated by practical experience from rack utilisation. This will allow to improve the utilization of the system and to extend the library equipment later. 

Library racking systems produced by the KOVAL SYSTEMS, a. s., are manufactured in accordance with the projects designed individually for each realization. Various configurations of the system consist of optimized elements so that they can fulfill all individual requirements. Library equipment will be manufactured exactly in accordance with your expectations. Various dimensions, colors and accessories can be chosen so that the library premises are optimized. Besides standard book storage racks, the EK 7600L library racking system can consist of autonomously standing special shelves for daily press and magazines, CD-s and other media storage.

Various special accessories make library staff work easier, improve transparency and orientation in collections, and enable synoptical storage of the books and periodicals. Obviously, the racking system can be equipped with various kinds of shelves with load capacities from 50 to 120 kg.

Manipulation equipment such as book transportation trolleys, mobile stands and mobile stairs can be delivered as well.


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